Rens Willems

Submitted by Melissa Krassenstein on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 11:55

Dr. Rens Willems is Senior Policy Researcher with the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is one of the authors of the report “Less Pretension, More Realism”, which, among other things, looked at the tender phase of the ARC programme.

Rens Twijnstra

Submitted by Melissa Krassenstein on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 11:53

Dr. Rens Twijnstra is an expert in the design and implementation of complex monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) systems in fragile and conflict-affected areas, with 14 years of experience (more than half of which field-based). He has worked extensively with academics, policymakers and humanitarian/development practitioners in the field of humanitarian assistance and socio-economic recovery in fragile states.

Legal Education: Reforming Pretrial Detention in Nigeria

Submitted by Melissa Krassenstein on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 11:50

Nigeria has one of the world’s highest rates of pretrial detention, with many cases dragging on for years without resolution. This narrative workshop examines solutions that expand access to justice in Nigerian prisons. Participants will share innovative strategies that use legal education to clear administrative backlogs and empower unsentenced detainees.

Melle Smets

Submitted by Melissa Krassenstein on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 11:49

Melle Smets is an artist, researcher and founder of Aardschap Foundation. He has led numerous creative collectives across Europe, South America, and Africa. Using existing social structures and local customs as a starting point, Smets triggers wider participation in shaping our environment. Smets lectured at universities and art institutes, and was head of department at the temporary Masters at the Sandberg institute in Amsterdam.

Odi Lagi

Submitted by Melissa Krassenstein on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 11:48

Odi Lagi, is a development professional and human rights advocate with over 17 years experience promoting human rights-based programming in Nigeria. She is the Program Director at NULAI Nigeria and a Board Member at GAJE. She holds the MA in Human Rights, Central European University; diploma in Development Leadership, Coady International Institute; and diploma in Social Innovation, UN University of Peace. She has been an OSJI Human Rights Fellow.

Funmi Ayeni

Submitted by Melissa Krassenstein on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 11:47

Funmi Ayeni is the Executive Secretary of the LPILP. She has developed several programs aimed at tackling factors which impede access to justice in Nigeria. She founded the Lagos Pro Bono Week. Funmi obtained her LL.B and LL.M. degrees at the University of Warwick and University of California, Berkeley respectively. She also has a Public Interest and Social Justice certificate from Berkeley and is a member of the Nigerian Bar.

Joost van Onna

Submitted by Melissa Krassenstein on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 11:46

Dr. Joost van Onna is a researcher (PhD in criminology) and head of research at Aardschap Foundation. He is a Research Fellow at VU University in Amsterdam and Senior Advisor at the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service. His research focuses on action research, criminal development, informal (justice) systems, rule of law and finding ways to increase access and quality of the justice system.

Joseph Haley

Submitted by Melissa Krassenstein on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 11:46

Dr. Haley is the ACLS/Mellon Public Fellow at the World Justice Project. He is the Program Manager for WJP's Rule of Law Solutions Initiative, a global qualitative research program that uses storytelling to share effective practices to expand access to justice, fight corruption, and reform criminal justice. Prior to joining WJP, he was an instructor of literature and expository writing. Joe holds a PhD in English from Johns Hopkins University.

A Peacebuilding Global Impact Framework: Mission Impossible?

Submitted by Melissa Krassenstein on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 11:44

Search for Common Ground has recently launched a Global Impact Framework to to better understand and articulate the impact our programmatic interventions have on conflict dynamics and to use that knowledge to drive decision-making as a field. Join this session to learn how to apply the Framework to your work.